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学生のヒマラヤ野外実習プログラムHP (JP) The Student Himalayan Exercise Program (EN) REVISED


学生のヒマラヤ野外実習ツアー2012年、2013年、2014年、2015年、2016年、2017年、2018及び2019Himalaya geo-tour for Student exercise in March 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 REVISED



2018年新年のご挨拶(GIGE会長)New Year Greetings, GIGE President

2017年新年のご挨拶(GIGE会長) New Year Greetings, GIGE President

2016年度GIGE事業報告 Report of GIGE activity in 2016

2015年ゴルカ地震(ネパール)2015 Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal REVISED

2015年度GIGE事業報告Report of GIGE activity in 2015 (English)


会長の最近5年間の講演、論文、著作等Adresses, Publications, Books by the GIGE President for the recent 5 years REVISED


研究所欽定 及び細則(日本語版)(正式な欽定は英文)

GIGE会長 吉田勝のプロフィール

GIGE会長 吉田勝の最近の講演・論文・雑報などNEW





ネパール2015年大震災救援義捐金活動総括 NEW

Summary of Charity Activity for the 2015 Nepal Earthquake DisasterNEW



    ネパールの2015年大震災 NEW


学生のヒマラヤ野外実習ツアーHimalaya geo-tour for Student exercise NEW




バガワティ ネパール先生ご夫妻の日本招聘プログラムと実施報告 (Invitation program of JICA Nepalese teacher Ms. Bhagawati Nepal for Japan 


ジオツアー・ジオパーク・地学オリンピック −地学を楽しく (日本地質学会電子出版2013年) NEW

Geotour, Geopark, Geo-Olympic -Enjoy Geosciences (Publication of an e-book, Geological Society of Japan, 2013)



Publication of Guidebook for Himalayan Trekkers, Series No. 2, Ecotrekking in the Everest Region, Eastern Nepal.


白瀬南極探検100周年記念事業 (プロジェクト実行委員会南極OB) 及び 白瀬南極100周年記念大阪講演会

和歌山講演会 20121月‐2月 Centenary events of Shirase Antarctic Expedition including anniversary lectures in Osaka and Wakayama


地球寒冷化と成長の限界(英語、Approaching Crisis of Global Cooling and the Limits to Growth、IAGR/GRG Mem 11.

丸山茂徳著、吉田勝・V. Spencer 翻訳)の出版Xlibris Co., Bloonmington, USA/Field Science Pub., Hashimoto NEW


Approaching Crisis of Global Cooling and the Limits to Growthの日本語版「2035年に始る地球寒冷化と人類成長の限界」翻訳完成、2014年1月出版予定 


所長の言いたい放題−環境問題なんでもあり(Presidential essay on various environmental problems)


地球温暖化論の問題点 (Comments on global warming theories)




Gondwana Institute for Geology and Environment

Centre for Gondwana Earth System Science


The Gondwana Institute for Geology and Environment (GIGE) is a Centre for studies related to Gondwana Earth System Science in its totality.


The Institute aims at:

(1) Exploring and coordinating various aspects of the geology, resources, environmental aspects and natural hazards of Gondwanan terrains including Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica and related continents.

(2) Resolving problems related to geological, resource-related, environmental and natural hazards in regional and global context with specific reference to those of Gondwanan areas.

(3)Extending the fruits of such studies for scientific advancement, sustainable development and

environmental management for the benefit of human society at large.



The GIGE is a non-profit (charitable), non-governmental (NGO) and non-political organization set up with the objective of achieving purely academic and scientific goals for ultimate societal benefits on regional and global scales through the participation of individuals, groups, organizations and institutions.

GIGE undertakes, among other aspects, the followings:

@ Field investigations in Gondwana and related terranes on aspects related to geology, structure, tectonics, ground-water, environmental problems and natural hazards

@ Co-ordination of laboratory investigations on academic, research and application sectors Implementation of major research projects and consultancy programs

@ Publication of Newsletter/Journal, Reports, Memoirs and Special Issues

@ Organization of workshops/discussions/seminars/conferences/field trips

@ Training, orientation courses and preparation/publication of course notes

@ Extend guidelines for academic, research and planning sectors



The Institute is headed by the President of GIGE. Other Officials include Vice President, Secretary General, Directors, Council Members and Fellows. Routine administrative matters are dealt by Managing Officer(s), Accounts Officer(s) and Auditor(s). Patrons of GIGE comprise people of very eminent social/academic/scientific standing from various parts of the globe. GIGE incorporates Honorary Fellows, (Member)Fellows and Junior Fellows.


Headquarters and Chapters

The Headquarters of GIGE is located at Hashimoto in Japan. The GIGE has Chapters in  Kochi (Japan), Kandy (Sri Lanka), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Gaborone (Botswana),Jaipur (India), Kuwait, Tianjing (China), and Trivandrum(India), Kathmandu (Nepal), and Lubumbashi (D.R.Congo). More Chapters are going to be established in some other  countries.



Masaru Yoshida (formerly Professor of Osaka City University, Japan) is the Founder President of GIGE. Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Auditor, 6 Directors, 10 Council Members, 26 Fellows and 6 Junior Fellows comprise the founding structure of the Institute. Interested scientists are welcome to join as Member Fellows/Junior Fellows of GIGE.


For further details:

Gondwana Institute of Geology and Environment

Hashiramoto 147-2, Hashimoto 648-0091, Japan

Tel: (+81)-736-36-7789, Fax: (+81)736-36-7790


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